Which ride-on toy is best?

    Learning to control a

ride-on toy

can be an exhilarating adventure for a child. However,

the benefits go far beyond mere fun.

    When using a ride-on toy, a child learns the fundamentals

of balance and coordination while developing gross motor


    Each year, we scour the market in search of the best

products for your particular needs to make shopping easier.

If you would like to learn what makes a great ride-on toy and

see our top-three choices for 2020, keep reading.

    What you need to know before buying a ride-on toy

    When shopping for a ride-on toy for your child, the first

thing to consider is if it is age-appropriate. A ride-on toy

that is for older kids may be dangerous for a younger

child and lead to injuries. If, on the other hand, your child

is too old for a ride-on toy, that means he or she will not

be able to easily operate it and it might not support their

weight. Again, this could lead to injuries. It is important

to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for age

and weight restrictions.

    When it comes to fuel,

electric ride-on toy can be powered in a

number of ways. Some models may need a parent to push the

toy, while others require the child to perform some action,

such as walking, peddling, or even wiggling from side to

side, to propel the toy forward. There is also the option to

purchase a ride-on toy that runs on battery power, so it can

be driven like any other motorized vehicle. This last option

is usually best for older kids.

    It is important to realize that some ride-on toys are

just vehicles while others have a plethora of features such

as lights, sounds, storage space, and more. The number of

extras you need will vary from child to child as some will be

fascinated by beeps and honks while others will just want to


    While we’ve already mentioned size as it applies to the

child’s age, parents also need to consider size as it

pertains to storage. Some smaller models can easily be

stashed away in a closet, but larger models may take up a

considerable amount of room in the garage. Be sure you have

adequate storage space for the ride-on toy that you are


    The last feature you will want to think about is the

cost. While it is possible to find a durable child’s ride-on

toy for $50, these models will be for the youngest kids,

something that may be better suited for a playroom than the

playground. As kids get older, their toys become more

expensive. It is possible to spend $300 or more on a

motorized vehicle that is suitable for an older child.

    Benefits of Ride-On Toys for Kids

    Parents have the privilege of helping their children

develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. One of the

ways they do so is through their choice of toys. For example,

ride-on toys give parents an opportunity to help their

children develop balance and coordination, motor skills, and

a love of exercise.

    We invite you to take a look at our selection of ride-on

toys for children ages 1 to 6 years. And while you are

browsing, keep in mind the following benefits of ride-on toys

for kids:


    1. Teaching Balance and Coordination

    We all know just how difficult it is for small children

to learn to walk. It takes an awful lot of balance and

coordination just to sit up straight, let alone learn to

stand and put one foot in front of the other. Encouraging

your child to play with a ride-on toy helps a great deal


    Our Giraffe Balance Bike offers a great

example. With your help, your child can sit on this toy quite

easily. Place the child in the seat, put his or her hands on

the handlebars, and then gently hold him/her until you’re

comfortable with letting go. Practice will help your child

learn to balance on the seat even as he or she holds

him/herself up with the handlebars.


    2. Enhancing Motor Skills

    In addition to balance and coordination, parents work

with their children to enhance their motor skills. This is

yet another one of the benefits of ride-on toys for kids. In

addition to the Giraffe Balance Bike, consider a 

s or a scooter. Both of these toys

are designed to help children learn to use their legs to

propel themselves forward.

    Learning to steer the toys enhances motor skills in the

arms as well. And of course, coordinating legs, arms, and

eyesight pulls it all together.


    3. Encouraging Exercise

    A third benefit of ride-on toys for kids is encouraging

them to exercise. They won’t know that’s what you’re doing

but keeping them active with their ride-on toys is a natural

and organic way to keep them exercising. And if you can

encourage a love for this kind of play when they are young,

it will hopefully carry through as they grow.

    Ride-on toys are more than just objects for keeping kids

entertained. They are toys that teach balance and

coordination, enhance motor skills, and encourage exercise.

What more could you ask from a child’s toy?


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