Main Features
鈼?High dynamic MPPT efficiency up to 99%
鈼?High efficiency up to 98%, and European weighted efficiency up to 97.3%
鈼廢p to 6600W of charging power at 40掳C, and power de-rating to 50% when temperature reaches 60掳C
鈼?Excellent performance at sunrise and low solar insulation levels
鈼?Wide MPPT operating voltage range
鈼?Parallel function, up to 8 units call operate in parallel
鈼?Self cooling design for high reliability
鈼?Built in BR premium II battery charging algorithm for lead acid battery
鈼?Support positive grounding
鈼?Low self consumption
鈼?Data logging 365 days
鈼?Communication: Auxiliary contact, RS485 support T busController suppliers

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