Polyester recycled DTY dope dyed color yarn. Our colored yarns use a special process by which dye is injected into the spinning melt before spinning, allowing the dye to be fully mixed with the spinning melt and colored. So, we can produce different dope dyed color yarn as needed. Such colored yarns have high color fastness and bright color.Can be woven directly according to the needs of a variety of color or color fabrics.The environmental pollution caused by finishing and dyeing of grey fabric was avoided. Compared with grey fabric dyeing, colored yarn has the advantages of low cost, less working procedure and fast operation.
Our Polyester recycled DTY dope dyed color yarns has environmental and colored function and are of high quality and good color fastness, with a variety of colors to choose and has good after-sales service.It鈥檚 the major knitting and woven fabric manufacturers of the preferred raw materials.
Polyester recycled DTY, SD, dope dyed color yarn
75D/36F color yarn
75D/72F color yarn
100D/48F color yarn
150D/96F color yarn
150D/144F color yarn
300D/96F color yarnWholesale Polyester Recycled Yarn

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