Pretreatment softening equipment
Introduction to pretreatment
The common filtration equipment in raw water pretreatment system include activated carbon filter, quartz sand filter, manganese sand filter and so on.
The filtration equipment consists of similar structures, such as filtration tank, control valve, filter material, central pipe, water distributor and other accessories. It is used to intercept and remove suspended solids, organic substances and other substances affecting water quality. In the northern region with high iron and manganese content, more manganese sand filters are used. The iron and manganese ions in water can be removed by the oxidation of manganese sand filter material.
The softened water equipment in raw water pretreatment system is composed of soft water tank, control valve, salt tank, soft resin and central pipe, water distributor, etc. The principle of ion exchange is used to remove calcium magnesium and other hardness ions in water and prevent scaling of subsequent wading equipment from affecting production efficiency.
The pretreatment system of softened water equipment uses 5 micron aperture precision filter to further purify the water and optimize the turbidity and chromaticity of the water.
Softened water equipment consists of multi-valve controller, resin tank and salt tank. According to the preset program, the controller gives instructions to each hydraulic control diaphragm valve to complete the opening and breaking of each path, so as to realize each process of operation regeneration.
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