Sweet dreams, not so much? Upgrade your evening routine with

a new duvet cover! The versatile bed toppers easily enhance

your sleeping space, giving your current

bedding scheme and basic white sheets a whole new vibe.

Talk about a quick and inexpensive room redux! Simply slide

your old comforter inside its new protective shell, easy as


Think of a duvet cover as a pillowcase for your comforter, as

well as blankets and throws. Often sold in

matching sets with coordinating shams, duvet covers prolong

you comforter’s lifespan and let you get by longer without

washing it—sometimes they require a dry clean. Added bonus:

Duvet covers afford opportunity for seasonal bedroom

transitions based on comfort. For example, linen in the

summer and crinkled velvet for the cold months.

Typically a button or zipper closure and interior ties are

incorporated to keep your comforter in place and avoid

bunching. So, restless sleepers: Feel free to toss and turn

as much as you want to!

    With a host of materials to choose from, including:

linen, cotton, microfiber, hemp, and more—how do you ever

choose? Keeping both functionality and style in mind, we

cover all the bases, from hypoallergenic and cool-inducing to

wrinkle and fade-resistant options. Duvet covers have the

ability to make a bedroom feel brand new, and, with these

affordable and beautiful options available to "add to

cart" now, why put off a better sleep environment any


        Duvet or comforter? That is the question. When it

comes to choosing your bedding, what is the right choice for

you? Do you hate making your bed? Do you prefer ease of

washing? These are all things to keep in mind when deciding

on what your bedding will be.
        What is a comforter?
        Typically, a comforter is a thick, quilted, fluffy

blanket, or

fleece printed

blankets and throws
that are used to keep you warm. It

is usually filled with synthetic fiber filler which is

quilted or stitched to secure the filling and keep it evenly

distributed. Unlike a duvet, the comforter only forms one

piece of all of your bed linens. It is intended to sit on top

of your sheets and those who want a layered look might prefer

this. Comforters are usually sold in bedding sets that have

coordinating separates and makes decorating easy. Caring for

your comforter is easy as you can just place it in the wash

with your other bedding.

        What is a duvet?
        Sometimes referred to as a comforter (especially in

the United States), a duvet is a type of bedding that is a

soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or a

synthetic alternative. It is protected with a removable

cover, the duvet cover. The duvet set originated in Europe

and was made from down feathers because of its usefulness as

a thermal insulator. Adding a duvet to your bed makes the

whole chore of making your bed a lot easier. It’s a single

covering instead of a combination of sheets, blankets, quilts

and other bed coverings.
        What is a duvet cover?
        Analogy: duvet is to duvet cover as pillow is to

pillowcase. A solid duvet covers  is

a protective layer that slips over the duvet and has a

closure. Because duvets and comforters can be expensive and

difficult to clean, duvet covers are useful because they

protect your comforter during use and are easily removed and

easy to wash. With duvet covers, you can also quickly and

easily change the look of your bed and room without having to

completely redecorate.
        The duvet should fit snugly inside a duvet cover

which can be removed and washed when needed. The duvet cover

also allows you to change your style or color choice of your

bedding with the simple switch of the cover. This allows for

easy changes from season to season.
        Linen bedding is a great choice for a number of

reasons. Known for being lightweight, comfortable, and airy,

linen is easy to care for and never goes out of

style. Brooklinen’s linen is stonewashed, which

makes for an ultra soft duvet cover. It’s also made from

Belgian and French flax, so you can feel like royalty each

night when you climb into bed. Get yourself a duvet in

classic white or choose from a variety of playful prints and

colors, like one of the limited-edition styles for summer

        While you may not be able to live in a hotel, you can

certainly sleep as if you do. Typically, nice hotels have the

most luxurious, fluffy bedding, and it’s usually due to a

high thread count of the materials. The Hotel

Collection exclusively at Macy’s specializes in

providing hotel-like quality products at a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a clean, classic look, the 680-

thread-count collection is a great choice. The Supima cotton

is as soft as cashmere, which makes this a very cozy and

high-quality duvet cover. Choose from eight colors and

transform your bedroom into a hotel suite—and right now, you

can shop the collection for 25-percent off using the promo

code STYLE.
        Percale is a desirable fabric because it’s a closely

woven plain-weave with a thread count of 200 or higher. And

Parachute makes a percale duvet cover that is hard

to resist. Crafted in Portugal, this duvet cover is made from

100-percent premium, certified long-staple Egyptian cotton.

The material is so light and luxurious, reviewers say it

feels like sleeping on a cloud. The only problem with this

duvet cover is you may never want to get out of bed.
        Have you ever washed your bedding only to find that

it’s completely wrinkled when it comes out of the machine?

Sometimes certain fabrics wrinkle more easily after being in

the dryer, but not the Bare Elegant duvet cover. Made

from silky microfiber, this duvet cover feels like it’s

1,500 thread count but at a more affordable price. So go

ahead and pile the whole family into your bed on a Sunday

morning—your bed can handle it!

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