Carbon steels and high quality carbon steels

1. Product IntroductionCarbon steels and high quaIity carbon steeIs not only have high strength and hardness but aIso have good ductiIity and toughness. The steeIs are often used for the manufacture of screws, gears, shafts and connecting rods, sleeves, spIines important screws and nuts.
2. Product Parameter (specification)
No.Typegradestandardsize (mm)application
1Ccarbon steelQ195, Q235GB/T70012-210suitable for making we Id i ng, r i vet i ng and bolting and common structures
2high quaIity carbon steel10#-60#GB/T69912-210precise shaft and connecting rod for automotive, construction steel, machinery steel, etc.
1high qua Iity carbon steel30,35,40,42A,45,50,55.57A
S10C-S45C, S45CSGB/T699銆?
Q3201 NG3025.0-34precise shaft and piston rod for automotive, steel wi re rope, etc.
2carbon steelQ195.Q215, Q235GB/T7015.0-34for making construction materials and wire drawn products
3. Product feature and application

4. Production details

5. Product qualification

6. Deliver, shipping and servingDelivery on FOB or CFR锛圕IF锛塨asis, Shipment around 2 months after order confirmed
7. FAQ

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