Spiral hose extrusion machine
It is easy way for cable management creating a quick and easy bundling solutions through using cable wrap.
1.Protect wire from dirt,frays,tangles and knots.
2.Nice design to giving your cable a new look,no adhesive or residue,permanently adjustable and removable.
3.Works effectively in extreme temperatures, from as low as -30鈩?to as high as 100鈩?
The easy cable wrap can be used on bundles of cables,managing them quickly and easily compare to some alternatives such as spiral binding and loom tubes.
Drying hopper 鈫?Control cabinet 鈫?Screw extruder 鈫?Cooling tank 鈫?Flatting machine 鈫?Winding machine
Single extrusion
Setting speed20-40m/min
Machine power30-60kw
Worker per flight1
ControlPLC+Touch screen
1. Waste material can be recycled and reuse again
2. Imported temperature controller
3. The mold could be customized for different kinds of product shape

鈼?WENZHOU YUANJI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD is located at No. 78 Xiansheng Road, Xianyan Industrial Zone, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
鈼?The company not only produces its own equipment, but also provides information consulting services to help customers find suitable machines.
鈼?Because the transparency of information is different, customers can find suppliers by themselves, and compare the price which is we get from supplier.
1.Provide machine information, raw materials, sample drawings, videos, or usage information when available, and we will be responsible for identifying suitable equipment.
2.When different suppliers of the same product have different prices, we will introduce the reasons for the difference to help customers distinguish it.
3.Provide shipping consulting, customs clearance consulting and other freight matters to solve all problems if import machine.
1.Solve the problem of machine installation, including installation by drawings or overseas installation by engineers.
2.It is not just a one-time cooperation, we pay more attention to future services, including machine use and maintenance, market information orientation, etc.
3.Develop technical cooperation in different businesses in the future.
Q1: What is your service to overseas clients?
A1: When engineers are installing overseas, they can come to guide you, and at the same time, you can exchange experience with our old customers.
Q2:How can i get the price?
A2:Provide us with all the machine information you know, we will screen and give feedback and provide a quotation.
Q3:Can I buy samples placing orders?
A3:Yes, we can provide samples if necessary.China Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

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