Product Description
Underwater metal halide lamp is used to lure fish, most of which are green light, because green light is most attractive to fish. At present, the underwater metal halide lamps are mainly of high power of more than 2000W. The underwater metal halide lamps attract the fish to approach the fishing boat, and then cooperate with the air metal halide lamps on the fishing boat to cast the net for fishing.
The color tone is green.Most popular among fishes.
The efficiency is 4 times of the incandescent lamp.
Green color is high in transmittance so can cover wide range.
Longer life hour compared to halogen lamps.
Ballast is compatible with Hi-Creen Unilight.
Easy to dim and increases efficiency of fishing when using dimmer.
Lamp Description Lamp Voltage(V) Lamp Current(A) Base Type Max. Diameter(mm) Max. Length(mm) Luminance CCT(K)
2000W 230 9.20 E40 70 415 210000 Green
4000W 230 16.00 E40 70 450 440000 Green
5000W 240 22.00 E40 70 750 530000 Green
10000W 490 19.50 E40 80 850 1050000 Green
Pulse-start lamps offer several benefits: 
(1) Higher light output per unit of electric power - higher savings if paired with electronic ballast; 
(2) Higher light output as lamps age; 
(3) Longer lamp life; 
(4) More stable color rendering as lamps age; 
(5) Quicker startup - pulse-start lamps can reach full brightness in two to four minutes instead of the five to ten minutes needed by probe-start lamps. Topbulb offers ED & BT pulse start, and PAR pulse start bulbs. China Underwater Metal Halide Lamps Quartz Lamps suppliers

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